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March 9, 2024

“As a child of God, always choose to accept what your heavenly Father says about you. What He says about you is final. Walk in that awareness.”



January 13, 2024

Making Godly Choices -
In Communion with the Father 
         As God's masterpiece(s), He created us to be in full communion with Him. Even though we experience life through our spirits, souls and bodies, our Father desires for us to be in constant fellowship with Him in the deepest most intimate way. He desires spirit to spirit relations as He Himself is a Spirit who created us in His image and likeness, (Gen 1:27) (Jhn 4:23-24). As children of the Lord, we have His Spirit living inside of us to help us to make the right decisions and choices required for living this life. We don't need to make decisions solely by what we see happening in the natural realm. The Holy Spirit is our guide and our help  
At times, because of the challenges we may be facing, our flesh may want to rush to make abrupt decisions without coming into agreement with God's word and perception of the situation. The Lord is never in a hurry to make decisions, therefore we have to follow His lead. Remember, He's all knowing and all seeing. In Gen 13: 5-11, the passage gives us an account of Abraham and Lot's attempt to make the right decision of what lands they would eventually settle in. In verse 10 of this particular passage, Lot had seemed to be more preoccupied with the land that he saw in the natural realm. Pastor Joyce had made the point that as spirit beings created in our Father's image, our decisions should always be based on our spiritual sight and the wisdom that we obtain from being in fellowship with Him. 
Our Pastor also pointed out that we shouldn't be quick to make decisions with our own understanding, but as children of the Father, we can allow Him to order our steps with full confidence that He knows the end from the beginning. Galatians 5:25 NKJV sums it up very well for us as it reads: [25] If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. 
Scripture Reference(s) and Supporting Verses:
  • Gen 1:27 NKJV 
  • Gen 13: 5-11 NKJV 
  • Deut 11:24 NKJV 
  • John 4:23-24 NKJV
  • Gal 5:13 NKJV 
  • Gal 5:22-25 NKJV
Lessons Learned:
  • We are spirit beings 
  • Our Father calls us to be like Him.
  • We should make choices from inside out 
  • Refuse to be moved by what you see
  • Don't be quick to make decisions 
“From the valleys, to the mountains, let our praises rise to You!”
December 9, 2023 
Timing, Choices and Manifestations
Over the past few months of our Ladies Meeting, we have been looking at what it means to be in God's divine timing. It is so easy to get discouraged when we know that God has promised us certain breakthroughs in our lives, and it takes a long time before we see the manifestation of His word. It is during those times and seasons that we have to make the CHOICE to accept the word of the Lord that has been spoken, and rely on His TIMING. He will certainly cause His Word to MANIFEST. 
The choices we make during our time of waiting for what has been promised to us, will affect at times how ready we are to receive all that we have been waiting for. In today's session, Ps Joyce led us through Gen 21:1-21. In this passage, Sarah, Abraham's wife had finally given birth to her looooong awaited son, Issac. During the season of waiting for her promised child to be born, however, she implored her husband to have intimate relations with Hagar, one of their servants. This resulted in Ishmael being born. 
At the time of Issac's birth however, Sarah had grown weary and unhappy with Ishmael's presence. And we know the story; Sarah asked Abraham to set them on their way, away from home. In the midst of Hagar's and her son's despair in the wilderness however, the Lord promised Hagar that He would take care of her as well son, and favor their descendants as well. During her moment of despair, the Lord opened Hagar's eyes to see a well full of water that was supposedly near by. Our Pastor made the distinct point that the well could have very well been there all along and Hagar was unable to see it, perhaps because of her mental state. The Lord Himself opened her eyes to see what was already provided for her. 
In the New Covenant or Testament, we have been given everything we need for life and godliness according to 2 Pet 1:3. The text reads: [3] as His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue, 
As New Testament believers, we have to become aware that everything we need as it pertains to walking out our faith victoriously. This doesn't mean that we won't fail, make mistakes or miss it sometimes, but when we do, we can bounce right back up again to who we truly are in Christ. Our perspective of our situations should always line up with the true reality of being children of the KING. 

Scripture Reference(s):
Gen 21:1-21 NKJV 
2 Pet 1:3 NKJV

Lessons Learned:
  • When God makes us a promise(s), we have to trust that He has our best interest at heart. 
  • He is not causing us to have certain experiences in our lives to harm us or to cause us shame. 
  • He wants His glory to be seen in and through us.
  • He will redirect our steps to align with His will, when we fall out of alignment with His will.
  • Our perspectives has to align with the perspective of the Father.
  • Our victory is always found in Christ
“Unto the Lord be all the glory, great things He has done!”